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Hosting of client sites using subfolders

Just wondering if this is possible or anyone else needs this feature.

The Job to be done here is:

  1. Showing the client revisions of how their site is evolving. BUT… If I send them to the short URL to my webflow page, they can see the MAGIC of the tool I’m using. I don’t want to share the MAGIC :wink:

  2. Can I accomplish what I’m trying to do with the Custom Domain Hosting option for $4.99 a month.

otherwise - my current workflow is to export and zip the files, drop them on a client folder on my domain and then send it out to them.

Any workarounds or is there a setting I’m missing that will accomplish this Magic act for me?


Hi, if you are just trying to demo your own design work, branded with your own url for viewing, then you would have to spend USD$4.99 per month, per domain you want to use a custom URL. You can always change the custom domain for a site to a different domain later if you need. If your clients need to have access to Webflow to change their own sites etc, then there is no white-label for that.

I hope that helps. Cheers

Hi Dave, will a client-side white label CMS be coming anytime?

Hi, there is plans in future Webflow releases and versions to address CMS kind of functionalities. I cannot say when things will be introduced or what exact functionalities there will be yet. Once this information has been finalized and approved, we will announce those kinds of announcements on the Forum.

thanks @cyberdave

So if I understand this correctly

If my webflow page is
and I upgrade to the $4.99 (great price btw :wink:
then I can have

Hope this makes sense.
I"m guessing I point it to my domain and a folder and all pages would go into that folder and by project name it would make that URL that is found in the Sub-Domain area of the settings?

A tutorial on even more so feature screencast would be a great sales tool, and help people better understand the JTBD (Jobs to be done) by a designer that doesn’t want to give away his magic sauce ( magicSauce = webFlow :wink:

Hi, you would need a separate site for each client site from what it sounds like you are describing, as we do not have option at the moment to create subfolders for purposes of having different domains or sites setup.

For each site you setup for a client, then you could name the domain whatever you want while you are making the site, there is no extra cost for a webflow url like, and send them the url when the site is ready for preview. When the client wants to pay and get use of the site, you can charge them the monthly hosting fee for a custom domain, If you host their site from your own account. Otherwise, then the client could pay you for monthly hosting fee for their own micro account and you can manage it.

There are different sales models you could possibly go with, but from Webflow point of view, either you or they would pay for the hosting plan of your choice, or you can also export the site and they can host their own server, but of course, it is very easy with Webflow to maintain your clients sites with our hosting. It really is up to you how you do it.

thxs for the suggestions @cyberdave

I have my own server, so hosting files isn’t a problem I need solving right now.

Instead, I’m more so trying to protect the fact that I’m using webflow, and they can see the magic under the hood.

Looks like I may just need to export the code and upload it with a version numbering system for my clients to view & keep my magic sauce ala Webflow in my back pocket :wink:

I thought Webflow support subdomains, which will help for this purpose as described by @LvnLife. For instance,
my business domain could be so if I am working on a client’s project “xfiles”, I thought I could create a subdomain as follows for client previewing:

Perhaps I misunderstood the whole question. Other hosting providers allow you to do this or use a subfolder format from your domain to accomplish this previewing.

Hi @mcastellanos, Webflow does support subdomains that are using CNAME records, i.e: (where mysite is the subdomain setup with a CNAME record.

I hope this helps!