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Hosting from domain

Hey, what I do wrong? Site is opening only by If I try go to — page is dummy from Domain Registrator.

Setup from Control Panel:

From Webflow:

What I do wrong? What need to do with default A Record “”? and seems to be working.

Yes, but if I first go to in Chrome — showing blank page from domain. If I go to — showing my website. If again go to, Crome automatic redirect to and site is open good.

If I try to do in Firefox — everything is the same as above only If I again go to, browser is don’t do auto redirect to and showing blank page from domain.

Maybe problem is in Option 1 is “Unlinked” Status? How repair it?

Hi the ip 85.233… should not ve in the DNS need to be removed

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Ok, now I deleted this record. I’ll write to you about the results when the changes take effect.

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@JanneWassberg thank you big! :v::blush: Now everything works fine.

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