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Hosting externally - sitemap and form


A client wants to host the site themselves :frowning: the exported code does not include a sitemap, right?

How does the client get a sitemap?

As it is going to be hosted elsewhere I assume that the form in webflow will not work?

What form could be created in webflow and then included within the exported code?

Thanks in advance

Hey @RoseWebStudio,

You can create your own sitemap, there are tools for that - screamingfrog

If you create an html form in an embed code, it will be exported with the site. Those aren’t complex as well. You can read about it here

Thanks. That is helpful and will help me provide what the customer wants.


RE: forms on externally hosted sites; there are plug and play form solutions in the university article entitled third party integrations. Formspree and Basin I have used and they both were implemented very easily.


Thanks, very useful information

I assume you would need to set up hosting first on the url before creating the sitemap so the url structure and page addresses are relevant?

If you know what your domain name is going be, then you can pre-build it.

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