Hosting a subdomain on Webflow


I’ve run into an issue with connecting a sub-domain to a Webflow hosted site.

I want to connect subdomain ( to a webflow hosted site. The thing is, the domain ( is pointing elsewhere - so I only want to host the subdomain on Webflow.

I’ve set up the subdomain with the Webflow A-Records

However, if i go to it gives this error. And it always redirects to

I’m wondering does anyone know if it’s possible to host just a subdomain on webflow and if so, what is the DNS configuration to get it setup?

Thanks in advance for you help

Hello @Diarmuid_Sexton

You need to create a CNAME record for your subdomain and point it to

You can check this in this tutorial:

In the minute 1:23 it’s the answer :wink:

That worked! I feel silly cos I’ve connected dozens of sites but this one was giving me issues for some reason


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No problem, I’m glad I could help. :smiley: