Hosted sites not working in Russian Federation

Dear Support! In Russia, a fight began with the messenger Telegram and the government blocks IP addresses associated with this messenger. Along with this, some of the western services were hit by this blockage. Now in Russia does not open a for work and does not work sites that are on CMS Webflow and hosted in Webflow domen.

Since I represent a large community in Russia of fans and developers of sites in webflow, and we are more than 10 000, it is important for you to receive official information:

  1. Do you know about this issue?
  2. Will any actions be taken to address?
  3. Your recommendations for working with Webflow and activating the work of sites on CMS?

Thank for support, Anton Vyukov

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Hi @1112,

Thanks so much for posting and great questions.

Do you know about this issue?

Yes we are aware of this situation. As you mentioned, the issue is that the Russian government has banned IPs associated with Telegram (article for reference). This unfortunately also blocked other IPs, which included

Will any actions be taken to address?

Because this IP ban came from the Russian government there isn’t any action we can take that would affect the IP ban. We hope the Russian government changes their tactics since millions of IPs have been banned but this is, unfortunately, outside of our control.

Your recommendations for working with Webflow and activating the work of sites on CMS?

We definitely hear and understand the frustration here, but at this time we cannot recommend any specific action be taken.

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Thank you for reply!

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Your provider is Yota? 3 day they says that deal with the problem.

Also does not work starting page of Google Browser…

For all webflow users from Russia.

All SSL-enabled webflow IP-addresses are blocked.

But the last one for SSL-disabled web sites are still in white list.

We’ve achieved the accessibility of our site through the DNS-redirect using and their SSL-certificate on Cloudflare’s free-tariff.


Thank you for this usefull information, Gregory! )

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