Hosted my code and I just see text


I am pretty new in Webflow, and after finishing the 21 day-crash-course I decided to work on a temporary website while I finish my Portfolio.
As I exported the code to host it somewhere else (in a plan that I already had)… I see that the files were uploaded successfully, but I just see text. I did not add any custom code, so I really don’t know what happened in between.

Has anyone had a similar situation?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Thomas Plagmann's_V2)

probably the links to the css files are wrong, share a link so one can check

Hi Pietro! Thanks a lot for your response. I ended up figuring out the problem…
When I exported the code, the images were not in a folder, therefore they were not being recognized, same for the css file.
I just created folders and name them as the terminal-error was showing and the problem was solved.

Thanks either way!