Hosted Fonts - But still Google Fonts being called

Hello everyone,

I have:

  1. Downloaded my fonts
  2. Cleared all the unused glyphs
  3. Compressed in WOFF2
  4. Uploaded them so they are host on Webflow
  5. Set a Fallback font
  6. Changed it everywhere on the websites (form success message, headings, etc.)

But I still see Google fonts API being called and it’s slowing down the website loading time (not that much but I like to have everything clean and optimized).

Any idea why / how?

From the lighthouse:


Hello Quentin @QH33, please share your read-only link and the link to your published site. Thanks!

Hi @choreus ,

Thank for your reply. Sorry I was on vacations.

Here it is: Webflow - [FR] We Growth Website

Published site:

Thank you

Load dev tools in your browser. Inspect the source of the CSS for your project. Search for the font that you don’t wan’t to load from Google. Make a note of the classes where it is assigned. Then head back over to the designer, locate the class and make changes to the font-family.

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Thank you @webdev !

I inspected the CSS using the Web Developer Chrome Extension and I’m now fixing the classes that I missed.