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Hosted font vs google font for site speed?


I want to get feedback on hosted fonts vs google fonts. I’ve read the articles and gotten feedback before…hosted is always recommended.

That said, paints a different picture…to me it’s showing that I would be better off going with google.

I’ve got some areas using Open Sans that I uploaded after downloading the font from google and then I got other areas where I am having Open Sans being pulled from google.

I want to go one way or the other…but I want to make sure I choose wisely…according to the below test, it appears it would be recommending me to go with a google font that is called in as opposed to one that is hosted.

The first picture shows the time for the bit of code from the called font to load some scripts initially.
The second shows that the fonts hosted on webflow are taking a WAY long time to load while google fonts being called are taking way less time to load.





If the font is hosted by Google, there is a strong chance the visitor will already have open sans cached. It’s pretty popular.

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