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Host Migration To Webflow CMS

Hey everyone, hope all is well, quick question about hosting and host migration. I currently have a site with the domain name/hosting threw 1&1, now my question is how can I change my hosting to WebFlow so I can take advantage of the CMS functions. Is it as simple as cancelling my hosting plan with 1&1 but keeping the domain, then setting up that domain name with WebFlow’s hosting? Thank you in advanced!

Basically yes.

You mighy have some issues with 1and1 keeping your domain so double check with them. If they wont keep registering your domain you will have to transfer it to another registrar.

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Hi @NormanDurkee, that is a great question!

The basic process is to:

  1. Add a CMS hosting subscription to your site in Webflow:

  2. Update the domain DNS settings to point the domain at Webflow servers:

Here are some helpful links:

How to setup A Records at 1&1:

How to setup a CNAME Record:

  1. After updating the DNS settings, go to the Hosting tab of site settings and click the Check Status buttons next to the custom domains you have entered. When the all green message appears, republish your site using the new domains:

  2. Enjoy!

If any questions on the setup, feel free to give a shout out to :slight_smile:


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