Host code offsite and integrate to your Webflow site

I’m building a website for a company that does knife customizations. The code exceeds the Webflow 10k threshold by a lot. Can I take the code and place it somewhere that will house it and then direct customers to this customization feature, let me design their knife, then direct them back to the Webflow site? This is fairly new to me and I was looking into AWS, but really not sure? I also wondered about Github? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Definitely you are on the right direction, you can publish the code/files which you can publicly call on your website. You should use a platform that is easy for you to work with.

Many have used CodeSandbox; I’ve used Glitch and Github.

Lately Slater is being more used in Webflow and it is easy to work with. It does have few advantages, give it a try if you are interested

Thank you for that information! Much appreciated! I’m going to check out Slater now.