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Horizontal section with more than one colour

I want to create the following effect as a background effect on the same horizontal section

This is possible. Have you tried adding a row with 3 columns. :slight_smile:

Hi @rui, this is achievable using columns, go to add element then click columns and select the three columns option :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks - no I have not. I am just starting out with webflow. Question - can one colour the individual columns separately and then have a hover effect say on one or more coloums - the effect being to reveal more text - the example above has 'More details" in the centre colours. I am hoping to be able to hover, or click on the tile and more text appears.

You can use interactions to make text appear and disappear.

Check out this demo page:

Also check out this tutorial:

hope this helps :smile:

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wow - this is great of you. thanks


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