Horizontal scrolling with lenis scroll

Hello folks,
Hope you are having a good day. I want your little help.

The Problem:
I am using lenis scroll on my site but don’t know what to do exactly to have horizontal scroll for particular section. i.e Project section. When I was not using this lenis scroll it was working perfectly.

Home page > Main wrapper > 4th section.

Custom code:
Inside the home page setting > Page smooth scroll

Read-only link: Click here

Looking forward to your help in this issue. @robingranqvist



please the website: https://codepen.io/ilimitadostudio/pen/KKrGMJa

I am not a mater of JS but I see they start different lenis scrol function when te page scrolls into the viewport.

True and that happens with a function. I have tried those functions in the main website code editor. But that’s not working. And it’s pretty similar to the one you shared.