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Horizontal scrolling tutorial needs a little help!

First of all, i am impressed by the tutorial @Aaron made with the horizontal scrolling option with the new IA2.

I tried to do exactly the same, but somehow it went wrong!
Does anybody now what I am doing wrong?



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Hey @Koen I’ll take a look, see if I can help :slight_smile:

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It’s really weird, as the images are being cut-off by the bounding of the “Gallery Container”, if you turn off the “Overflow: hidden;” from the CSS, it’s displays all the photos, but I don’t think this will work on publish as then you’ll get a horrific side-scroll bar!!

It might be a bug!? As the settings you have applied are exactly like my build and I just went in to test the original and it works fine!?

I’m gonna have another play, if I work it out I’ll be sure to message!

Arron, many thanks. It could be a bug indeed, because my Navbar leaving IA2 is also exactly the same as the online tutorial and is also not working!

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I’m wondering if there have been some fundamental changes in the Interactions with the latest update to IX2 - I made that Tut before that release.

One problem to do now…
Only thing now is that i see only my first 3 of 8 images…

Hight and incomming scrolling is solved Aaron,
I put the bounderies on 100%

Great @koen I’ll remember that for I do it next!