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Horizontal scrolling + Mobile hamburger menu. Help needed

Hi there!

Hope someone can help me since I’m getting mad…
I can’t find a way to fix horizontal scrolling on the mobile portrait layout. I checked every “margin left” property of every item, I tried with the overflow hidden method, but no way… Maybe now the navbar layout is so messed up that even the menu (when the hamburger is open) doesn’t shows up anymore…

If anyone has suggestions, they would be very appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance,


Hey Valerio,

In mobile careers section, the partner logos has a right margin of 61px, remove that and the horizontal scrolling will be fixed.

I’m just investigating the disappearance of your mobile nav menu. I’ll get back to you shortly.


Hi Naweed!!

Thank you for the info! You’re a lifesaver! :smiley:
Like a dumb I only checked “margin left” instead both left and right… :pensive:

Thank you so much in the meantime

You’re welcome, Valerio! :smiley:

Not sure what’s going on with the navbar, can you try to recreate it from scratch but use new class names. Remember that when you drop the navbar on the page, it shouldn’t be placed inside a separate section (the navbar already contains a section, container, etc).

Hope this helps.


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