Horizontal Scrolling Issue (Overflow Hidden)

I’m curious why Webflow does not have overflow hidden set as the body tag’s default, which would reduce tech support. :thinking:

Because overflow hidden in the body stops the ability to scroll in a page.

I put my body’s overflow setting to “hidden,” and I can scroll through all my sections vertically. And I didn’t have to set any divs that might have some overflow to “hidden” to prevent my unwanted horizontal scrolling. :man_shrugging:t3: I thought it wouldn’t work, but I had tested it before I posted this. I was curious to know people’s thoughts.

The best practice is to do it on a per section basis.

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Makes sense. Thank you. I was surprised when it worked for me, but I’m overlooking something, I’m sure. Thank you for your time.

I have a same question, I am also facing scrolling issues

The best trick is to start deleting elements on your page one section at a time. Test to see if the scrolling stops after each deletion. This will isolate which section is giving you the issue. Then start deleting and testing the different elements within the troubled section until you’ve drilled down to the problem. This will tell you which parent element needs “overflow = hidden”