Horizontal scrolling - background replicates itself on mobile

Hello! :slight_smile:
I’m very much new to webflow and programming, and I have a problem that i’m trying to fix for around 2 days, but no success. I tried to make website with my graphics set as the background - the background image is really wide, because i want to be able to scroll horizontally on the website. I managed to do the horizontally scrolling part, but it feels like my website falls apart on different screens… on mobile, for example, the background duplicates itself downways. I tried every kind of tutorial and every kind of settings but this is the best I managed to do. It still duplicates itself, and on some screens the scroll goes over the image’s boundaries… and worst thing is, I can’t see all these stuff in “work view” so I can only see it when I publish the site. Hope these all makes sense…

Can I please ask for some help?