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Horizontal scroller in the Designer canvas

I wonder if this has been asked before, why don’t we have a horizontal scroller in the Designer canvas? I prefer to work on 1200 x 800 resolution and a horizontal scroller is badly needed.


Hi @uzzer - I just made a div at 1200x800 and set it’s display setting to flex. Then within as a quick test made a div that was 500x800 with a 20px right margin, then duplicated it a few times. The parent div has the overflow set to scroll.
This makes a canvas that is at your dimensions that scrolls the content (test divs) horizontally…

is that what you meant?

If I understood your point correctly, that’s what I mean. But I wish this was available natively… I am currently using similar workarounds, even Ctrl helps, but why all the hassle if we could have it straight away…