Horizontal scrollbar despite overflow an no 100vw

Hi there,

I have searched quite a few other threads regarding this question because a scrollbar appears after I changed on of the background pictures (via the “replace picture” command), that has a scroll effect on it. It is now the picture with the home studio setup in it. From then on the dreaded horizontal scrollbar appeared. I haven`t changed anything else and even crtl+z to put it back to the state it was before did not help.
After checking every overflow option and width setting I’ve run out of ideas. Maybe You can help?

read-only link to my site:


Thank You very much!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@shompy12 What page are you having the issue on?

This is the plain site (it`s a singel-page website with anchors):

I already posted the read-only link, did I do something wrong?


@shompy12 Nope you didn’t do anything wrong. I just wasn’t seeing the scroll bar so I wanted to make sure that I was in the right spot.

There is no horizontal scroll on my end. I am in chrome.

Hm, that is odd. I tried it in Edge and Chrome on my PC and in both instances a scroll bar showed up.

Good to know it doesn’t show up in your browser. What could be the cause? Before that my browsers also displayed the page correctly…

No scroll bar on my end. Make sure you don’t have any zoom activated on your browser.


Hi Donald,

thanks for the advice. I checked, no zoom activated. It’s really odd but as long as other people don’t seem to experience this it seems to be OK.

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Yes, there is a horizontal scroll alright, not sure why nobody sees it but I do. It is caused by your video header .background-video. Just give it a position: relative and it should go away :smiley:


Thank you very much, this resolved the issue :relieved::+1:

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Nice @dram !! Thanks so much for helping us out! Glad someone else could see it.

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@shompy12 @sarahdarr

No problem, glad to help.

LIFE. SAVER. Searched everywhere for this solution and couldn’t find it. Thank you!

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