Horizontal scroll problem

I’m having a problem with horizontal scrolling.
as I scroll down the frame starts going up past the nav bar. how do I keep it moving horizontally
and stay under nav bar.

Here’s a showcase of my problem:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Looking through the project there are many elements that are set to either 100/500% viewport height or 100/500% viewport width which I think is causing the issue. “Paneless_home” has a Width set to 500VH, “Camera” has a Height set to 100VW and the “Frame” section under “Camera” has it’s width setting to 500 VH. In essence there are very large height and width settings nested under each other which can become very difficult to manage. Personally I would use pixels or percentage widths and heights unless there was a very specific reason why is would be better to use VH or VW. I would start with a solid layout, maybe borrowed from a template or the included “Layouts”, that I know works well and then continuously test to make sure I wasn’t introducing any issues when adding VH and VW etc. I would avoid nesting large VH and VW underneath each other in the site structure. VH is typically used for Height and VW is typically used for width. Hope this helps.

thanks paul! really appreciate your help

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