Horizontal Scroll Issues-Top of Page Only


I’m having some trouble with horizontal scrolling on my site… at the very top of my home page it can scroll horizontally (which I don’t want), but for the rest of my site it’s fine. This only happens on the preview and published version, not in the editor.

Can anyone see what the problem is? I’ve hidden the overflow on everything at the top of the site besides the body, doing it on the body doesn’t help.

This is my first ever website-help would be much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Alícía

Hello @alicia, the problem you have is due to your about1 homevideo text block, if you delete it your problem goes away. You should just add a div block into your container with a button to replace your text block and style it and position it there. I hope this helps.

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Amazing, thanks so much! I’ve seen that as well now (regarding deleting it), will have another go at getting the button right.

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All sorted now, thankyou!!

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