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Horizontal scroll issue, please help :'(

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Our shopping website has filter buttons inside a form block for filtering search results. We want the buttons to stay in one line inside a horizontal scroll, regardless of screen size (similar to filter buttons on Pinterest, Instagram search or Google Images). The form block is set to overflow: auto and horizontal scrolling is disabled on the body element using custom code:

<body style="overflow-x: hidden;">

The page is displaying and working as intended on desktop view but displays a huge white space on mobile. I have tried everything and have been at it for a while. Would really appreciate some help on this.


Turns out that checkbox and radio button input fields have absolute position applied to them by default which cannot be modified natively as far as I know. This was adding horizontal scrolling to the page. I was able to override this by adding the following custom code in the head section:

.filters-form-block input{

If someone has a solution to do this without custom code, please let me know.