Horizontal Scroll & Focus?

Hi there, fellows!

So, I’m trying to recreate what Apple haves in their mobile breakpoint for https://www.apple.com/lae/mac-pro/

They do have a section with tabs under ‘Radeon Pro Vega II Duo’. On mobile, once you click on the next tab, or even on the tab that’s outside of the viewport, it quickly gets in focus.

Here’s the video so you understand:

Hello @chrisworkforfood,

you can totally do that on Webflow. What you have to do is to create a section with really wide container that has the option of overflow set to hidden, and with an interaction you make the animation happen, for the content you have to use hide and show. Once you start building your site you will picture it better. Good Luck!

Got it. So it has to use custom animations. Right? Is there another way to do it?

@chrisworkforfood yes custom animations within webflow. As for another way, do you mean custom code? that is doable too.