Horizontal Scroll fix

Hi There,

I have created a horizontal scrolling page to showcase my photography portfolio using some techniques I watched in one of Pixel Geeks videos. But I am having some issues. The initial build worked well but then when I began adding additional images to the slides, and the images began to become cut off and the entire image wasn’t displayed correctly after the first couple of swipes. Ive tried resizing the individual sections within the wrapper but that does not seem to help.

If anyone has experienced something similar and knows the fix to this please let me know, I’d creatively appreciate it !

Hi Omar,

  1. I think the problem is that your photos are set to ‘Cover’. If you change that to ‘Contain’ they will not be but off.

  2. I suggest you add the photos as an actual html images and not as backgrounds to the section. It will be better for accessibility and SEO.

Hi Aviv,

I tried out what you said and it worked ! Thank you very much