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Horizontal scroll bars appearing then disappearing


I have a random issue that I’ve never seen before where a horizontal scroll will briefly appear then once the page loads no longer appears. I’ve reviewed a few Q/A from the past and it looks like many folks were able to resolve this by deleting the last element they updated. I tried to do this, but, it didn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas, as it’s currently occurring on a few pages.

Loom video below.

Read only site:

Pages I’ve seen this on:

Appreciate the help, open to any other site/responsiveness feedback!

Hi - still playing around with this and have yet to find a solution. Would appreciate any help!

hi @Omar_01 try to make trigger for your animation from your parent element. This mean set as trigger parent element (as in image) and animate child with class, it is just pure guess but it may work.

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I appreciate the help - at first I had no idea what you were suggesting, but, it kind of makes sense. I believe the animation we had (scroll into view) was making it so that the images were bigger than the allocated space for the element. Meaning while they ran the scroll appeared.

I’m sure there was a way to fix it without deleting the animation, but, for the sake of simplicity I removed them and that seemed to fix it.

Thanks! Fixed

hi @Omar_01 glad that worked for you. If you do not have other questions to this topic, feel free to close your request.

Just one note, you do not need to delete animation it self from your interactions list panel (on right). All you need is to change source (Navigator panel) and inside your animation steps just change target.

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