Horizontal scroll bar disappeared

I am unable to locate horizontal scroll bar in the navigator pane. Pls refer to the screenshot below.

Has this resurfaced ?


Hi @ronn, thanks for the good question. If you are trying to scroll horizontally in a symbol, then that particular bug you mentioned here is still an open bug.

If you are trying to scroll elements in the navigator outside of symbol, then to scroll, use the middle mouse button to scroll left or right.

If the issue you are facing is with the symbol, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got one site that does scroll horizontally, and one site that doesn’t (and it’s NOT within symbols).

This site scrolls:

And this site doesn’t:

Tested with symbols closed and the rest of the elements expanded.

It’s been annoying at some points working with the site where the panel doesn’t scroll.

Hi @spirelli, thanks for the additional information, as soon as I have more info on this, I will update here immediately. The information is very useful. I am temporarily unlisting this post as it contains your preview links, and I would rather keep that private at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for being so thoughtful re. unlisitng this – both sites haven’t been launched. Fee to delete my post above if you want to reuse and revive this thread later.

Hi @spirelli,

Sure thing, once the issue is resolved, I will make sure to delete the post. I have this post tied in to our tracking system, so once the issue is fixed, and I have tested and confirmed this, I will notify you immediately.

If there is anything else that I can do to help, please let me know :slight_smile:


Hi @cyberdave,

Thanks for looking into this and thanks @spirelli for supporting.

@cyberdave the site I am working has a complex navmenu/submenus structure that sticks to every page which is why this is a symbol. Currently, I have over 12 pages already and another 15 to come soon.

Any suggestions on how to get around this situation? If you want I am happy to share the link of the site.

Also is there an ETA for this bug fix? It is directly impacting productivity because I absolutely cannot see the nested structure. Please take a look at the screenshot above.

Appreciate your attention.


Hi @spirelli, the issue with the symbols and the horizontal scroll is still open, sorry for the delay with that, as soon as there is a fix, I will let you know immediately.

Hi @cyberdave, Thank you for the update. I’ve just checked, and the website I’ve mentioned in my post above (23 Feb) now does have a horizonrtal scroll bar showing! So, I cannot report any issue here. Not sure how much help this is now that @Toby has reported this only just now.

Hi @spirelli,

Thanks a lot! Yes, I think that was fixed, but I am going to check it :slight_smile: Sometimes the issues can be similar enough just to be tricky :slight_smile:

I am continuing to check the case with the other customer, thanks again!


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