Horizontal Scroll Bar... But Whodunnit?

Hello, Genius Webflow Experts! :brain:

We’ve learned so much from reading this forum during the build of our website! We’re all the way to the finish line, but still can’t figure out one thing:

:rotating_light: Our website has a horizontal scroll when viewing on desktop browsers, and we can’t figure out the exact setting that is causing this! :rotating_light:

Very suspicious it’s the navigation (a symbol). Or could it be as simple as the body setup? After trying to fix by fiddling with all the knobs and levers, the horizontal scroll bar is still there. We know it’s not Webflow; it’s us. If it were a snake, it’d bite us.

Would someone be kind enough to take a look at our read-only link (and/or live domain) and tell us if you spot the culprit?

Thank you! :v:

You mean horizontal scroll?

Change all of your components that are 100vw wide to 100% wide.


Lol… yes, horizontal scroll. Brain is fried.

It worked like a charm. Thanks!

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