Horizontal scroll animation issues

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Webflow and I have been playing around with its features for the sake of learning. I wanted to do a horizontal scroll for my first website, however I have been faced with challenges every step of the way.

My first issue is that, for some odd reason, the horizontal scroll stops at 87% (meaning that it doesn’t scroll all the way to the end). It started doing this at a certain point, although I wouldn’t be able to tell you what that certain point was. Now, whenever I pull up the animation and click on ‘live preview’ it only goes up to 87% at stops there. It’s really strange and I can’t seem to figure out what or where I did wrong.

My second issue would be with section links. I have attempted to make a navbar, however the buttons I intended to direct the viewer to the specific sections are useless. I’ve tried to make them work in numerous ways. Thus far, the closest I’ve come to making the buttons work is putting divs in the ‘Track’, which is the “hidden” vertical div that allow the scrolling to take place. The only issue with that is once I add said divs, it may work only for the first section, but once I try to link the second section (which would be the “Tokenomics”) the scroll goes all out of wack and stops in between sections.

I have tried figuring it out with ol’ trusty YouTube, but I couldn’t find enough information, as I realize this is a pretty specific scenario. I hope you might be able to help me!

Thank you in advance!


Here is the link: Webflow - Primoo