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Horizontal overflow issue

I’ve implemented my own menubar, but can’t seem to get it to properly ‘display: none’. Is it something I’m doing with the interactions? I’ve checked and rechecked, and they seem to be right.

The other element I’m thinking might be coming into play could be the ‘frame’ div, but I’m not sure.

Any specialists out there that can quickly diagnose the issue for me?

Check out the code here:

Here’s a screen recording of the issue:

I’m sorry sir I think we should send the Custom Navbar to a farm in the north, it will be happy…

I’m joking :slight_smile: However the navbar is quite complicated and the best way to fix your issue would be to use Webflow navbar and customize it. Could you tell me what are the reasons you didn’t go for that? (there are tons of valid reasons, it’s not a trap.)

Thanks for the advice. I think you’re right.

To be honest, I’m not sure now why I decided to try and build my own. Guess I just wanted to see if I could; alas… :wink: