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Horizontal Align Dropdown Menu, Screen resolution change

Hi All,

I’ve attached a “Codepen” of my current site, exported into HTML fro mWebflow. I can’t afford WebFlow so I’ve decided to design it as static pages and then just manually update it that way. I’m having trouble with Dropdown menus

The dropdown feature in Webflow is finicky because if two menus are stacked one above the other, the dropdown list will appear behind the other dropdown. There’s another thread to this but no quick way to fix it. To go around this, I’ve just decided to hardcode in the dropdowns (in the CSS, desfined a ‘dropdown’ class). They’re not as aesthetic but I don’t mind.

The problem is now, when I change resolutions, the dropdowns are still stacked vertically when i want them to align horizontally like the Webflow dropdown menu boxes do.

Can anyone suggest a fix to this based on the code above? I’d be extremely grateful.

p.s. I realize that the dropdown stack over my hardcode, they just don’t stack over each other. since each dropdown is a country, I don’t want to call each one a different class.

Hmm, the overlapping dropdown menus are a known bug, and no fix has been made for over a year. I suggest avoid using dropdowns if you have to place multiple of them near each other.