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Hook events Slider

Hey people,

I am pretty new to webflow, but it really amazes me.
Right now, I got stuck at a problem:

In my case, i want to hook into the slider, as soon as the slider moves/stopped moving to activate some JS. I havn’t found any documentation about “afterSlide” or similiar to use custom functions. Also, I added some textboxes which should be linked to a specific slide, but using w-slider-nav won’t work, since i already use the dots and I really don’t want to hack the webflow.js.

Is there a way to solve that problem? I’m interested in the events “finishedMoving” (or similar), specially when it is performed by autoplay.

I found this here:
Webflow Slider Controller
but that simply doesn’t work :confused:

Thank you in advance.

Hi @dfu, your best bet is probably to reach out to the user who created that code, to ask a question if you cannot get the code to work. We do not have API support for our slider widget, so we cannot provide documentation or solution for you yet, but some others on the forum might be able to help. I have not validated that code you provided as an example, so a good option would be to contact to that script author. His email is listed there in the script code.

Cheers, Dave