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Hoog Design portfolio site

Hey all,

I’ve just made my Hoog Design portfolio site live. I’m fairly new to webflow, but I love it. If anyone has any feedback I’d appreciate it!

Here is the link to the site on my profile page:

This is the live site:



Looks pretty sweet! What method did you use for the previous next buttons in the CMS?

Thanks Dave! I had to manually insert the previous and next projects, with the links, for each project in my collection. It would be cool to be able generate this automatically using Sort Order. Is this possible?


Very nice site, well done! My only suggestion - which is a minor criticism and purely subjective - is that the font is pretty boring. Would be nice to see an interesting font for your headers. And of course it needs to be legible.

Keep up the good work!


Beautiful site. You are very talented. Congrats.

Not yet, which is why I asked.