Honest feedback on re-branding logo

Hey all,

I would appreciate some honest feedback on this logo re-design (the logo is in romanian (pun = to put, dragoste=love) and it’s a food bar/catering business owned by a couple… when asked what’s the secret ingredient in their foods the response is that they added love, hence the name) - i explained this so you can see the meaning behind the symbols as well.

I showed this to my client and they love it alot but they have shown it to other people who are not in the design business and have mixed opinions, negative in general - the colour why is bright/strong - it’s related to love and they want to offer a premium service so I chose that dark red purple to convey that.

Thank you in advance.

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I like the color choice and overall the logo looks great. I think my personal opinion would be for the inner heart - to make the lines not touch the spoon. Not sure what that would look like but something to explore. It feels almost too compact in the middle. This would allow the Spoon to shine a bit more and not get lost.

Overall this looks great and your headed in the right direction!

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I like the direction you took, but not crazy about the spoon placement. I think if it were crossed spoon/fork over the heart, it would look better (to me). While the bigger heart is kind of obvious, the key identifier (the “v” at the top) is totally obscured. The smaller, inner heart may as well just not be there in my opinion. Thinking kind of like this “heart and crossbones” jolly roger:


But with spoon and fork and minimalized design like you have created there.

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Oh and I love the color choices.

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I tried that but then the inner heart looses its shape so it just looks like two random lines, rather than a heart :slight_smile:

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Hmm! I see what you’re saying, but I tried to keep it to their story. two hearts for two people and when you add ingredients to food you usually add with a teaspoon / spoon depending on measurements - and the fork has too many lines so I’m also trying to conserve detail when re-sizing - it’s hard! :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback.