Homepage will not scroll in breakpoint 1920px & up


My website will not scroll down when in the largest breaking point display view. I’ve tried switching my section’s overflow to visible, I’ve tried it in different breaking points, and still can’t figure out how to get my homepage to scroll while in 1920px. It works and scrolls in any other breaking point under that (e.g. laptop & mobile etc.), and it worked before, all of a sudden it won’t scroll anymore.

Please help!

Here is my site Read-Only:
[1]: Webflow - Profitual - Live

Hello Ashley
Hmm, I hope we can solve this

1st, make sure your content inside the section doesn’t exceed the viewport height. if it’s taller than the screen, you won’t see the scrollbar. in the 1920px breakpoint, confirm that the sercion’s overflow properly is set to auto or scroll/ i’m sure this should enable scrolling if needed. if you’ve done that and it’s still not working, it might be worth inspecting the interactions or custom code yu’ve applied. sometimes this stuff can interfere with scrollign behavior. write me here, highlighting my nickname if it wasn’t right suggestion