Homepage Takeover - Best Practices

I need to redesign the homepage of my organization’s website for Christmas. Is it best to create a new page and then setup a redirect from the home page to the new one? Or should I just edit the home page?

I went with setting up a redirect.

I’m also interested in that but can’t quite get my head around how to do it.

The need is for a campaign page to appear instead of the homepage for limited time when people arrive at the main web address.

A redirect doesn’t seem ideal because then the regular homepage will be gone completely. But it would be good for people to still be able to access the regular homepage when they click on the Home item in the main navigation.

It would also be good for the campaign page to still be available after the takeover has ended. Now that I’ve written this, it seems to me that I could:

  1. Setup a duplicate of the homepage and link the Home item(s) in the navigation to it
  2. Redirect the main domain to the campaign page

Does anyone have any further thoughts?

This is the right approach here.

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