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Homepage Rendering Two Unique URL's in Website Audit Tools


When submitting our site for an audit on website audit tools such as Uber Suggest, our website’s home page is showing up as two unique URLs - one with the typical format and another with a hashed URL extension (I hope I’m getting those terms right). You can see here:

I believe this issue may have something to do with Webflow’s CMS functionalities but I don’t know for sure. Does anybody have any insight as to how we can go about fixing this issue?

Here is my site Read-Only:

The second URL is the second page of a paginated collection list. Webflow does not provide for meta tags per paginated page. So your choices are; don’t paginate, ignore, or provide landing pages with collection lists in place of pagination.

Amazon chooses to ignore the issue. You can do some research on what Google suggests. I wrote about this in another topic which I will let you try to locate here.

Thanks for the answer Jeff. Would you recommend just 301 redirecting that paginated URL to the primary URL as a fix for this in terms of SEO/SERP?

Actually I recommend that you leave it alone. Google has made similar recommendations on this very topic. The algo will figure it out. The purpose of paginated pages is to allow for crawling links, which it does.

These SEO tools don’t take these things into consideration and the recommendations are often meaningless. Study Google Webmaster docs and recommendations for more accurate info.