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Homepage interactions loop not needed!

I am actually building a site for my client and the interactions on the homepage are “looping” (making a loop, I don’t know how to properly say it) with no reason.

Can someone help me and tell me how to prevent this bug or can someone tell me the error I made?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:
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Hi Leetch,

As far as i can see i don’t see any looping interactions. Could you specify which of the interactions is looping?


The homepage interactions, when viewing the homepage on the browser (Chrome) it launches the interactions of the headline tags, the contact button, the three blocks of “services”…a second time which is not needed.

I don’t see anything looping:

Could you specify the name of the interaction that’s looping?

if you watch in the browser all the interactions are playing a second time, and I don’ t want it

watch it here: (it works properly when I toggle the preview, as you did)


The interactions are:

-staggered load1
-staggered load2
-staggered load3
-staggered load4


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