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Homepage Appearing Blank on Live

Hey :slight_smile:

I’ve got a live website:

and as you can see the content is missing on the homepage but not any other page. However in preview: Webflow - The Goldstone Wedding the page isn’t blank.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?


hi @annam it looks to me that you are using some JS animation library that sets/inject inline style for elements to opacity: 0 On other pages opacity changes when content is loaded to 1 so you have to investigate where the problem is, this mean why doesn’t change value on load from 0 to 1

this is state when Home page is loaded

EDIT: I had second look because I didn’t check your page interactions and I have find that you have on your homepage load interaction that may cause your problem.

content shown

content opaque

Thank you SO much! Thats helped to fix it :slight_smile:

happy to help @annam feel free to close your request by checking any response as solution

Have a great day