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Home pages slides around on mobile

My homepage sides around on mobile. If you drag it you can move the whole page left and right. My other pages do not do this. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

It’s some kind of bug with the sliders. If I take out the strategy slider it stops moving around. However the logos slider higher up the page does not cause the issue. However, if I copy and paste the logo slider into a new slider section it does cause the issue. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? <— Here’s a dup page

Can you supply us with your project’s read-only link?

this will help us troubleshoot your issue easier.

cheers, :smile:

I figured it out. I’d moved the arrows over a little on a slilder. Also, I had created an animation that faded the whole slider in from the right. That made the mobile browser think that there was more over there. Here is what I changed:

Line 3998 of webflow.js

{“slug”:“slide-in-map”,“name”:“Slide In Map”,“value”:{“style”:{“opacity”:0,“x”:“100px”,“y”:“0px”},“triggers”:[{“type”:“scroll”,“stepsA”:[{“opacity”:1,“transition”:“transform 1000ms ease 0ms, opacity 1000ms ease 0ms”,“x”:“0px”,“y”:“0px”,“scale”:1}],“stepsB”:}]}},


{“slug”:“slide-in-map”,“name”:“Slide In Map”,“value”:{“style”:{“opacity”:0,“x”:“0px”,“y”:"-100px"},“triggers”:[{“type”:“scroll”,“stepsA”:[{“opacity”:1,“transition”:“transform 1000ms ease 0ms, opacity 1000ms ease 0ms”,“x”:“0px”,“y”:“0px”,“scale”:1}],“stepsB”:}]}},

Lines 1959-1964 in istservice.webflow.css


.right-arrow {
margin-right: -10px;
.left-arrow {
margin-left: -10px;


.right-arrow {
margin-right: 0px;
.left-arrow {
margin-left: 0px;

For the curious:

Glad you resolved this. Usually, I find the sliding issue is caused by not having the overflow setting set to hidden in some area on the page.

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