Home page used to be fine, now blank on mobile

Hi webflow community,

I’m suddenly having issues with a site that was published over a year ago: https://www.slingshot.ventures
On mobile devices the home page is mostly blank and some things that are there are not clickable, like the menu button. In the hero section there is some text but it’s not visible either. Most other sections text is gone as well and sliders etc don’t work. Other pages, weirdly, are totally ok.

This only happens when visiting the site on an actual mobile device, when resizing my browser window everything is fine. I couldn’t spot any errors in the Designer either. When I’m on my phone and clicking on the empty area, I was actually able to copy some of the hidden text, so it seems it’s there somehow.
The client says they didn’t change anything before this happened.

Anyone have any clue what’s happening? I’m really lost here. Any tips and help will be greatly appreciated, cheers!

The mobile view on my computer:

Viewing on an actual phone: