Home Page Issues on Mobile Version only

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I have been trying to figure out a solution to my home page on the mobile version for about 6 months, but I can’t figure it out or find a solution online. I need assistance, please.

Read-only link - Webflow - The Livewell Media

  1. I want to go fullscreen, as it happens on the desktop view, but the spacing for the navbar won’t go away on mobile view.
  2. When scrolling on mobile, there’s a transparency that won’t go away; again, this only happens on mobile view.

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Hii, your issue is you have used this property position:sticky but use with this property, top:0 for all devices.
this css property you can remove in this class Section Fullscreen Work → padding-top : 50.
in landscape and mobile view.
it’s working.

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The issue was in the sticky section, and an effect was messing with opacity. Solved, Thanks!