Home button top-left not working

My home button does not seem to work. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

I added the NAVBAR to the top. The top-left corner where the logo normally goes now holds my supposed home button. What I want to do is know that whenever I want to go home, I can click on that button.

Currently, it holds some text. I tried adding a link block to make it link to the section I designated as “Home,” but Webflow tells me that it is already a link (can’t embed link blocks into links).

When I click on the top-left link, it does not show me any options in the settings to add a link value of some kind to take me somewhere. Instead, the top-left button acts as a novelty and just looks.

So what can I do to make the top-left home button home?

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Hi @Frank_Tran,

Do you mind updating your post to follow the Need Help guidelines.
In the meantime you can take a look at your navigator panel to try and find the link element.


I have this issue too. I cannot locate where one can add/update the link for the Navbar logo element. Mine doesn’t link to anything right now and I also went through the same steps as Frank. Hopefully someone has experience with this.