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Hitting the Wall of dynamic lists - please help

I have just “hit the 20-dynamic-lists-per-page barrier”, and it feels like such a serious blow to my current and future projects that I am helplessly calling out for help. I have browsed the forum and unfortunately, it seems to me that although people do have similar troubles, they end up without a solution.

In general, I see two main reasons why I need more dynamic lists on one page. They are both related to the need of NESTED DYNAMIC LISTS - or the lack of this ability in Webflow.

The first is dynamic navigation. Typically for an e-commerce, the product structure involves two or more levels of categories/subcategories, and there may be quite a few. If these are not completely fixed and unchanging, it is convenient to populate the menu dynamically from the category collections. Since the levels cannot be nested, multiple dynamic lists must be used. And even if less than 20 is used, the menu itself takes up quite a few of the quota.

Is there a way to deal with this, please? Does the navigation menu must be set up as static, and each time a category is added/removed, the menu has to be edited manually?

The second reason - as I see it - for being forced into multiple dynamic lists is displaying ‘teaser blocks’ of subcategories’ content, such as here. On the category page, each subcategory is represented by a header and several featured products from the subcategory. Especially when combined with the dynamic navigation menu, 20 dynamic lists are gone very quickly.

Sorry if I am bringing up an old issue to which there is no good answer. But perhaps there are people who have found workarounds for these issues… And also, I would be grateful to hear an ‘official’ point of view of Webflow… What are your views on this, please? This issue doesn’t seem to be anywhere high on the wishlist… Is there any hope for increasing the quota, or - even much better - introducing nested lists? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

That’s too many questions to respond to. First you have to have a demo, and keep to one problem/question per thread. Be concise.

Hi @samliew, thanks for the hint. My apologies for being lengthy, in trying to sound human and describe the whole problem.

Which is, in fact, one only: How to deal with the 20 dynamic lists per page limit??

All my long text was describing why I think more than 20 are necessary, to deal with a common structure of an e-commerce website. And asking for Webflow’s or anyone’s tips how to deal with the limitation.

I did include a live demo link; sorry if it was easy to overlook. Here it is again.
Working demo of a dynamic product menu and subcategory teasers

Thank you

Hi @Pataka – I’ve hit this limitation a few times with certain projects. In particular when you say[quote=“Pataka, post:1, topic:44353”]
On the category page, each subcategory is represented by a header and several featured products from the subcategory.

In my case it was a food menu – each section (starter, main etc) needed its own header so there was no way to do it without using separate dynamic lists for each.

I’d be happy to pay for more and have asked but webflow say not possible.

More here:

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Hi @matt50, thank you… I have studied all your posts, I know you are one of those struggling with it… :unamused: We have quite a few websites which we were planning to move to Webflow, and which will face the same problem if we do - restaurant menus and other more complex product catalogues are the typical cases.

I was really surprised to see that your plea in the Wishlist has only a few votes – I wonder if we are missing something apparent, or taking a wrong approach in dealing with these structural issues…?

And sorry for saying it once again explicitly: I believe all these issues would be solved by enabling nested dynamic lists… Am I right? Webflow, please, what is your standpoint on this? Any chance at all?

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