Hiring Webflow Developer - Can Anything Go Wrong After Edits?


New to Webflow and have very limited web knowledge. My site was recently hacked on Wordpress and compromised. I’m over doing site updates, worrying about plugins, security etc, so I was referred to Webflow.

I am very low on funds, a lot of the Webflow experts are way out of my budget. I have used Upwork in the past as well as fiver for website edits with zero issues on my old Wordpress site. I was told by Dreamhost security that my site was hacked due to my theme being not updated in years by the developer, so it was prone to get compromised.

If I was to hire a budget developer from Upwork, they made the pages, and I tested them on all browsers / devices and it was ok, is there any chance my site would break out of nowhere later on or lose those edits? For example, if Webflow updated, would it change my website? I don’t know with Webflow vs Wordpress, if it is as simple as making the custom edits, having them work when published and you are good to go forever vs Wordpress doing an update and messing up my site. What is the worst thing that could go wrong with having someone edit the template?

In regards to my website planning, I was planning on just using the standard Webflow ecommerce template with one extra static page that just has a single image. I would be selling digital products and some physical goods. Just would hire someone to create that extra single page, and change content width, add custom fonts to my nav etc.