[HIRED] Mixitup: Hash URLs and breadcrumbs

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for someone that got good knowledge about the Mixitup plugins.

I have set up the filtering on a products overview page, but I would like to add hash URLs when a user is filtering the items. These hash URLs would then be used on the product pages as breadcrumbs. That way the user can go back to an already filtered page via the crumbs.

Here is the read-only link for a example page from Webflow:

I would also like some explanations so that I can modify this later/apply it to other projects in the future. My JavaScript knowledge is somewhat limited, but at least I got the filtering up and running :smile:

Please contact me at arild.nordhaug@tingh.no for more details

Hello @Tingh,
I can surely assist you.
PM sent please check.

Hi @Tingh,
I wrote a mixitup vanilla javascript snipet some time ago dealing with hash url especially for a webflow CMS setup. Have a look if you like, hope it helps.


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Thanks @anthonysalamin,
but this is over my head :slight_smile: And also, my filter is 2 levels deep. Maybe thats not clear from the read-only link, but here’s the live link: https://brunvoll.webflow.io/test

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