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Hints for Flexbox Game-Level 28

I am not sure if there is a thread for this already. But I am stuck at level 28.
Honestly, even for the orange shapes I got frustrated and used the position options to bring them into place and am not very sure how to reorder them.

And, in general, I understand that flexbox can be used to move around elements quite a bit but can somebody give some real-world examples for moving around the elements as they show at level 28?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hint 1

You’ll need to wrap children on the element “Playground 28”, and in Reversed direction

Hint 2

“Circle Orange 28” needs to be Aligned Bottom as well as Ordered last


Hint 3

“Circle Purple 28” needs to Grown to Fill and given an Order of 2 or more


Hint 4

“Circle Green 28” needs a Flex Basis of 100% and needs to be Aligned Bottom

Hint 5

“Circle Green 28” needs to be given an order higher or equal to Purple (2 or more)