Highly designed and interactive front to a background form

Hello Webflowers, hoping you can help with a couple of Webflow questions.

I’m based in UK and working with a book publisher client and we are looking for one or ideally both of these two things:

  1. Advice on how to build webflow interactions that will allow end users to make visual choices and add entered text to customise a book character (that they will then feature in a print product). For this to work, we need to store variables from their entered choices so I’m assuming this will mean a highly designed and interactive front to a background form? If we can get user choices stored into a CMS item, I can take it from there using API.

  2. Someone who would be able to achieve this and willing to quote us for delivering this. Your work doesn’t need to be beautiful, just functional. The publisher will no doubt want to redesign things…

Here is a link to the POC the client has made in shudder Wordpress SuperSenses that they are now stuck trying to pull data from, and I have advised that Webflow is a better alternative!

Full notes here Dropbox Paper

Thanks advance for any tips, link for offers to actually do this work! Please get in touch with any questions or suggestions.