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Highlight elements that have an interaction on it

As I stack up more interactions in a site, it gets pretty hard to track which objects on screen are using them, which would be really useful to me.

There are probably multiple ways it would be good to see this surfaced, but it would make sense to follow the model for viewing selector usage. I posted another idea about how that could be enhanced to help find selectors on a page, and a similar approach would be really handy for interactions:

That row is getting a little full, but I’d give up some title space for the functionality. (Or maybe toggling could be done by just the radio button, and clicking anywhere between that and the buttons on the right would open the item for editing. Then the Edit button could go away. That diverges from standard radio button target area, but for some reason, that’s the way I keep trying to use the row anyway. That could be because I’m just still at a stage with interactions where my use is mostly editing vs. applying though.)

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What about having an indicator in the navigator? Will that functionality suffice? Or are you trying to find the exact elements that are being effected by a specific interaciton?

I hadn’t thought of the navigator indicator… That would provide a nice high level way to find interactions via the object list. That might solve a lot of what I was looking for, and would work especially well with the Info tool tip idea by allowing browsing in the Navigator without having to round trip through Settings>Interactions to see which interaction it was.

I kind of suspect that the interaction list tool would be useful in troubleshooting some scenarios as well, but will need to run into the use case a few more times and think it through in real time to know whether the navigator indicator would be enough. In the meantime, the navigator seems like a great feature, either would be great, and I’d be interested to hear whether others are feeling the same needs I have.

Yeah I’d love to hear if anyone else is looking for a similar feature.

Yes, I would like this please. I have an interaction that I cannot locate - could even be related to the slider, who knows, but all my text is blinking. Even after eliminating section by section, I still can’t find it. @ramatsu’s suggestion would be great to be able to eliminate interactions to find the culprit.

Same here I have an interaction that I cannot find. Would love to have an easy way to find which element is linked to it.