Highcharts maps not rendering in webflow


I’m struggling with embedding highmaps maps into my site. If anyone has any highcharts/highmaps expertise I would be really grateful for your help, and will also post this in highcarts forums too.

I have created charts in other parts of the site that work just fine, but I am having trouble with the maps module specifically. In this test case I’m just using one of the highmaps demos

In a codepen, this all works perfectly as you can see here. However on my webflow site, the map is not rendering.

In Webflow, I have the highcharts library and maps module installed in the head code of my site.

Then on the page “highmaps test” I have an embed with the code for the map itself. It is not rendering on the published page as it should.

I noticed this when returning to a draft of a map I had created a couple of months ago on a private page. At the time, this worked as it should. I have not changed the scripts or made any alterations since then, yet returning to it now, just like this test case, the chart is not rendering at all. I have no idea what could be causing this, since the latest highcharts/maps changelog entry predates my creation of the map. I can only assume it must be somehow related to something else I have done in another part of the site, or an update within Webflow.

Does anyone have any knowledge at all that can help?


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