High quality .png image looks blurry in production


I have a “tab” with different “image contain” in my webpage for features as “topic” “Trends” and “Discovery”, I have uploaded the images as big and small size in .png format but always looks blurry when I publish the project… The Link is https://deep-talk.ai , I have tried with ctrl-shift-O to disable the responsive images, I have tried almost everything and still the images are in very low quality compared with the designer.

Any idea?? Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Deep Talk
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Hey @Juan_Jose_Soto , can you please share the read-only link for your project?

Yes! here it is Webflow - Deep Talk Thank you

Hi @Juan_Jose_Soto! Hope you are doing well and that you managed to fix your issue with the quality of the png file.
I am experiencing the same issue. My png file is a high-quality export and it is perfect when in preview mode and editing mode, however when posting it just looks blurry on the edges.
Please let me know how you fixed your issue

Update: Nevermind! I figured it out. In my case I wanted to have a big version of the Logo to be displayed in on of my pages. However, I was using a png file version of the logo, which made it look blurry when publishing the website. By exporting a svg version of the logo, and replacing the image in webflow, it solved the issue. Now in any mode (editor, preview and published) the logo looks sharp.