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Hiding content on desktop and phone - duplication penalty on Google?


As the title states, this is something I been using a lot more and more just for the sake of the UX. A great example in this battle is the tab widget. Tabs are great on desktop computers but suits very badly in phone when you have content that are pretty large and long.

My solution to this is having a tab widget for my desktop and, if suitable, for the tablet, and then I make an accordion out of divs to display the same content on mobile instead of the tabs.

How does this affect the ranking on Google? There is obviously duplicate content, but how much will that penalize?

Generally you should be fine. Google has gotten very good at reading CSS and understands that you are hiding and showing content with different display features on different view ports.

Setting your site up with Google Webmaster tools is the best way to monitor how Google is reading your site. It will give you warnings if it detects problems with your site.


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